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"Seeing the Universe in a Grain of Sand"

This year marks the twentieth birthday of Mr. Sandman. Since our inception we have sold over 4 million sand castles - everything from dolphins to beer bottles to Canadian and American tourists who pick them up at souvenir shops up and down all US coasts and in Canada.

We discovered the key part of the process for building sand castles unexpectedly. Twenty years ago, the Company was struggling when a man walked into my office. The stranger led us to a company in the foundry business that used sand to help make the empty spaces in metal equipment. The company used a type of resin to bind the sand. It seemed like a great idea so we used a similar resin to bind our s and castles. Mr. Sandman is the first company in the world to use this process to make sandware souvenirs and gifts.

Since then Mr. Sandman has enjoyed a reputation as the "Cadillac of sand castles". No-one else in the business uses resin so clear and light fast. No-one else employs the artistry that our world class sculptors bring to the business.

Our Products

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Magic Castles

Beach and Fairytale themed events.

Candle Holders

Wedding Favors or Beach Decorations

Magical "Beaded" Castles

Beach and Fairytale themed events.

Animal Novelties

Beach and Fairytale themed events.

Sea Treasures

Beach and Fairytale themed events.

Souvenir Plaques

Beach and Fairytale themed events.

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